Welcome to PCTIN

The strategic objective pursued through the new Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of Navarre 2021-2025 (PCTIN 2021-2025) is to position Navarre as a European benchmark in R&D&I through the link between Science, Industry, Society and Administration.

To this end, 29 measures have been proposed in response to 8 challenges, which have been grouped into 4 pillars or areas:

  • Generation of knowledge
  • Cooperation and knowledge transfer
  • Promotion of business R&D&I
  • Promotion of New Technology-Based Companies

These pillars will be supported by measures to disseminate scientific, technological and innovative culture, focusing on greater involvement of citizens in the innovation process, the promotion of STEM degrees and the reduction of the gender gap.

The Plan responds to the mandate of the Regional Parliament, but it also responds to a deep conviction that is felt about the radical importance of knowledge and innovation for the prosperity of Navarre, which runs transversally through all the actions of the Government.

Navarre needs to transform in order to align itself more closely and more effectively with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with the European Green Deal, with the objectives of Digital Transformation, with a society that demands more equality, more social cohesion, etc. This Plan places itself at the service of this transformation, at the service of the society of Navarre, and will help us to move towards a new economic and social model based on progress, cohesion and innovation.